Chiesa di San Domenico, Gubbio

The church of San Domenico was dedicated originally to San Martino, and, until the beginning of the 14th century, gave that name to its district. It is very ancient, with the first news of it going back to July 1180. The Dominican monks enlarged it in 1227 and recent restorations have brought to light frescoes of the school of Ottaviano Nelli from the 14th century. An attractive and rare “Pietà” in terracotta dating from 1400 is preserved inside the church along with two woodwork jewels of the end of the 15th century: the Choir and a Lectern which is beautifully inlaid. Besides the ecclesiastical services, the church of S. Domenico is well-known for its concert activities, welcoming such artists as Lorin Maazel, Zubin Mehta, Salvatore Accardo and many others.