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…(like) a small United Nations of culture.

Mimmo Coletti – La Nazione – 11th July, 2011

The series of concerts that Angela Hewitt, the celebrated Bach pianist (but not only), has realized as Artistic Director are really exceptional. In the Castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione she has created a week full of concerts of refined chamber music. But what is really rare is that Angela Hewitt has decided to actively take part, never abandoning her keyboard during the whole Festival.

Classic Voice – July 2005

Last Saturday, the 2nd of July, the first edition of the Trasimeno Music Festival began with a piano recital by Angela Hewitt. (…) ‘La Hewitt’ did not fall short of the expectations: dressed in a brilliant turquoise evening dress, she enchanted her selected public with the renowned class she brings to the sparkling music of Bach, and with her light and moderate touch. After having performed wonderfully a few sonatas by Scarlatti, in the second part of the evening she showed the romantic side of her repertoire performing Mazurkas, Nocturnes, and the famous Scherzo n.2 in B flat minor by Chopin. Here her gestures were wider and softer in the lyrical moments and more tragic and convulsive in the animated ones. At the end there was an uncontrollable burst of applause from the public, giving her an impressive standing ovation.

Roberto Vitali – Umbria – 6th July, 2005

A grand finale with Angela Hewitt at the Castle of the Knights of Malta. The first edition of the Trasimeno Music Festival reaches its conclusion tonight after an exciting week.

La Nazione Umbria – 8th July, 2005

The first edition of this truly new festival ended fabulously. Thanks to an intelligent and sympathetic conception, it is a small festival, but very well organized from the beginning, and aimed at an attentive and competent audience. Many of them have already booked for next year without even knowing the programme. It is a prestigious event for a “niche” public with significant growth potential. A festival whose organizers definitely deserve praise.

Carlo Minestrini – Corriere dell’Umbria – 10th July, 2005