Trasimeno Music Festival Association 2018-2019

Trasimeno Music Festival

Gold Patrons
4000 € / £3500 / $5,000
and above
One Anonymous Gold Patron
Jeffrey Adams and Susan Hunter
Dr. Asher Giora
Vern and Frieda Heinrichs
Harriet’s Trust
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 2000 € / £1800 / $2,500
to 3999 € / £3499 / $4,999
Marg Campbell
Jennifer Hartog
David M. Huggin
Joan Kisylia
Betty McGowin Charitable Trust
Paul Melman and Rens Greebe
Andrew Moravcsik and Anne-Marie Slaughter
Richard and Paola Broyd
Dasha Shenkman
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 800 € / £750 / $1,000
to 1999 € / £1799 / $2,499
One Anonymous Donor
Carole Alexander
Barbara and Corrado DalMaso
Percy and Margaret Eastham
Prof. Graham Falconer
Douglas and Lydia Gill
Charlotte Gollobin
Richard Hopkin
Paul Gooch and Pauline Thompson
Aarne and Marjukka Koskimies
Patricia and Stanley Palombo
Arnold Postma
Davide Ravazzoni
Ana and Bernardo Sztabinski
Dale and Natalie Ward
Cynthia and Ian Webb
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 400 € / £375 / $500
to 799 € / £749 / $999
Two Anonymous Contributors
Nora Adamson
Dr. Judith Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Bliss
Annette McEvoy and Harold Bronheim
Janet Burt
Ann Collett
Lynne and Joe DiStefano
Karen Dover
Gregory Durden
Suellen M. Fast
Sally and Nicholas Forrest
Juan and Carmen Gayoso
Carolyn and John Gilbert
Antoinette Early and William Green
Evelyn Greenberg
Irene and Nigel Guilford
Ross Jewell
Michael and Sabine Kuenzer
Bonnie Lamb
Ian and Pat Lanoff
Janet and Derwyn Lea
Erik and Lisa Lindauer
Laara Lindo
Laurie and James Mackay
Helen Marlborough and Harry Roper
Annette McEvoy and Harold Bronheim
Lisa Donati Mayer
Jochen and Dorothea Müller
Richard Nicholas
Brayton Polka
Judith and Michael Rosenthal
Don Russ
Ian Scott
Drs. Melville and Joan Shaw
Kazunori Keith Shibuya
Catherine Sutton
Wendy Thompson
Robert Wilcox
Lorne Swan and Elinor Swan-Winterhalt
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 250 € / £225 / $300
to 399 € / £374 / $499
One Anonymous Supporter
Graham and Maureen Carpenter
Drs. Yale Cheng and Hermina Wang
Profs. Marianne and Peter Hokland
Frances Macdonnell
Louise Macdonald
Helen Marlborough and Harry Roper
Grant McDonald and Carol Devenny
Ian and Judy McIntyre
Andrew and Judith Sanders
Fernando and Rosetta Scattini
John and Christine Whitelaw
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 85 € / £75 / $100
to 249 € / £244 / $299
One Anonymous Friend
Ellen Aidinoff
Beth Aviv and David Angerman
Frances Balodis
John and Astrid Baumgardner
Richard and Lynne Bowen
Chamber Music San Francisco
Maryanne Cantrell-Colas
Ronald M. Costell, M.D.
Janos and Jerry Csaba
Ross and Heather Dixon
Barbara Field and Seth Dubin
Celine d’Etcheverry
John Gardner
Blake Goldring
Elaine Graham
Drs. Gabriella and Erwin Ivessa
Christopher Kienle
Gail and Gordon Lange
Donald and Suzanne Marjerrison
John and Elspeth Quarrie
Robert F. Richards
Louise Scheuer
Elizabeth Shore
Elizabeth Sole
Joan Vanduzer