Trasimeno Music Festival Association 2023-2024

Trasimeno Music Festival

Gold Patrons
4000 € / £3500 / $5,000
and above

Jeffrey M. Adams/Susan M. Hunter
Berriman Bailey Foundation
Ilaria Borletti Buitoni
The Burgundy Legacy Foundation
Barbara and Corrado Dalmaso
Miss Dasha Shenkman OBE
Harriet’s Trust
Dr. Agnes Herzberg
David M. Huggin
Betty McGowin Charitable Trust
Florence Minz
Ian and Cynthia Webb

Trasimeno Music Festival

from 2000 € / £1800 / $2,500
to 3999 € / £3499 / $4,999

Marg Campbell
Prof. Graham Falconer
Dr. Jennifer Hartog
Richard Hopkin
Paul Melman and Rens Greebe
Andrew Moravscik and Anne-Marie Slaughter
Martin Randall Travel
Robert Wilcox

Trasimeno Music Festival

from 800 € / £750 / $1,000
to 1999 € / £1799 / $2,499
Ian Alexander and Marilyn Dalzell
Mark Bolland and Lord Black of Brentwood
Ian and Heather Bourne
Thomas and Clara DiStefano Fund
James Fleck and Georgina Steinsky
Dr. Asher Giora
Paul Gooch and Pauline Thompson
Carolynne Hallitt and Philip Khaiat
Barbara Jesson
Ellen (Chavi) Karp
Aarne and Marjukka Koskimies
Michael and Sabine Kuenzer
Bonnie Lamb
Dr. David Litchfield
Ralph and Eileen Overend
Patricia and Stanley Palombo
Davide Ravazzoni
Harold Redekopp
Judith and Michael Rosenthal
Ian and Clayton Scott
Ana and Bernardo Sztabinski
Debra Tornaben
Stephanie Van Reigersberg in memory of Fernando
Natalie Ward
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 400 € / £375 / $500
to 799 € / £749 / $999
Two Anonymous
Beth Aviv and David Angerman
Edmund Adamic and Roland Daneau
Benedict Benigno
Lorne Cappe and Joanne Yolles
Graham Carpenter
Kimball and Patrizia Chen
Gabriela Gumucio Colombo
Virginia Cooper
Lynne and Joe DiStefano
Judy Embleton and Garry Dwyer-Joyce
Barbara Uteck and Graham Fraser
Carolyn and John Gilbert
Catherine Graham
The Vern and Frieda Heinrichs Foundation
Manfred and Silvia Kalcher
Herb Heppner and Mari Lindner (in memory of Guglielmo Beneduce)
Joan Hill
C. Hunt and R. Holdsworth
Ross Jewell
Patrick Little
Gail Lord
Frances Macdonnell
Laurie and the late Jim Mackay
Barbara Martin
Neil Matteucci and Norm Kalbfleisch
Lisa Donati Meyer
Alison Smith and Jim Morrow
Greg McNab and Suzette Silva
Michael and Cathy Nelson
Arnold Postma
Karen Schwinghamer
Christopher Simon and Sabrina Zirkel
Helena Simon
James and Carol Taylor
Sheldon S. Wiseman
Lorne Swan and Elinor Swan-Winterhalt
Michel Trocmé and Gail Sax
Trasimeno Music Festival

from 250 € / £225 / $300
to 399 € / £374 / $499

Ronald M. Costell, M.D.
Heather and Ross Dixon
Barringer Fifield
John and Encarnita Gardner
Evelyn Greenberg
Gabriella and Erwin Ivessa
Helen Marlborough and Harry Roper
Giuseppe Pagliarello and Heather May
Diane Pinney
Jean Sheikh
Larry Taylor
Roger Taylor
Disa Vergnères

Trasimeno Music Festival

from 85 € / £75 / $100
to 249 € / £244 / $299

Richard Aronson
Frances Balodis
Maggie and Colin Beer
Richard and Lynne Bowen
Laurence and Angela Clemens
Linda Crawford and Bryn Burnell
William and Marlene DeFehr
Céline d’Etcheverry
C. Jane Gartrell
Garth and Eleanor Hampson
Graham Knowles
Gail and Gordon Lange
Robert Mann
Dorothea Manson
Donald and Suzanne Marjerrison
Heather Nelson
Catherine Patton
Andrea Rogerson
Elizabeth Shore
George and Dee Smerdon
Maureen and David Thomas
John and Christine Whitelaw

Trasimeno Music Festival

Youth Friends
from 25 € / £20 / $35
to 84 € / £74 / $99