Terms & conditions

Source of the Law: A tour package contract is governed by these general conditions and by the conditions published in the description of the package given to the consumer. The law which applies is number 1084 of December 1977 originating from the International Convention on Tour Contracts signed in Brussels 23 April, 1970 and EEC law 90/314 and the legislative decree number 111 of 17 March, 1955.

Reservations: Reservations are accepted depending on availability at the time of said reservations and are considered official only upon confirmation by the Organisation.
Payment: A down payment of 20% of the total price is required when reservations are made. The balance is due by May 2, 2023. If reservations are made on/after May 2, 2023, the entire amount is due at time of reservation.

Price: The price of the package is based on the exchange rate, cost of transportation (including the cost of fuel) and cost of services at the time of contract. The price of the package may change, up to 20 days before the date of departure, only if there is an increase of the above-stated costs. If there is an increase of more than 10% in the price of the package, the Client may cancel his participation (without paying any penalty) by notifying the Organisation within 48 hours of receiving notification of the price increase.

Recession of the Client: The Client may recede from the contract, without incurring any penalty for the following reasons: – due to an increase of the package price (see “Price”) of over 10%; – due to significant modifications of other essential elements of the contract by the Organisation after the stipulation of the contract, but before the departure and not accepted by the Client. In this case, the Client has the right: – to change to another tour package offered by the Organisation at an equivalent price, or, if not available, to change to a tour package of a superior price without paying the difference, or to change to a tour package of an inferior price with a refund of the price difference or to be refunded the sum already paid. The Client must inform the Organisation of his decision no later than 2 working days after he receives communication of the price increase or tour modifications from the Organisation. Failing to do so within these terms implies that the Client accepts the new terms.

In all other cases of cancellation, the Client will forfeit: 30% of the total amount up to 60 days before the departure, 50% of the total amount up to 45 days before the departure, 70% of the total amount up to 30 days before departure, 100% of the total amount from 30 days before departure and during the tour itself. It is the Client’s responsibility to have his documents in order at the time of departure.

Cancellation of the tour by the Organisation: The Organisation may cancel the contract at any time based on article 10 of the law number 1084 of 27 December, 1977 without any obligation other than that of refunding any sums already paid and received. The Organisation may also cancel the contract without any penalty when the minimum number of participants, as specified in the program, is not reached. In this case, the Organisation must notify the participants at least 10 weeks before the date of departure.

Modifications of the Program during the Tour: If the Organisation after the departure of the tour cannot provide an essential part of the services defined in the contract, it is required to provide equivalent alternative solutions without charging the Client any price supplement. If the alternative service is of inferior value, the difference must be refunded. If the Organisation cannot provide any alternative service or if the Client does not accept, for serious and justified reasons, the alternative service, the Organisation will refund the prorated amount of services not rendered and will provide, without price supplement, a mean of transportation equivalent to the Client’s original one for his return to the point of departure of the organised tour.

Reimbursement for Services not provided: Any request for reimbursement of a tour service which the Client deems was not provided must be made in writing to the Organisation at the time of the lacking of the service or, if not quantifiable at that time, no later than within 10 days of the conclusion of the tour.

Responsibility of the Organisation: The responsibility of the Organisation is governed by the international laws and conventions stated under “Source of the Law”. Under no circumstances can that responsibility exceed the limits defined by those laws and conventions.

Area of Jurisdiction: In case of an unresolved conflict, the area of jurisdiction will be location of the Organisation’s main office.

Insurance and disclaimer: Cancellation Insurance and Illness-Accident and Baggage Insurance is highly recommended. This insurance policy must be stipulated at the same time as the reservation. The Organisation accepts no liability should you fall ill, suffer accident, misfortune, delay, damage, detention, death or loss. The Organisation accepts no liability for any additional charges, including transport, meals or accommodations costs incurred as a result of fault, misdemeanour or third party failure, the non-provision of services, strikes, cancellations, delays, illness or accident. Though all practical assistance will be given, no responsibility is assumed or undertaken by the Organisation for loss of money, credit cards, travellers’ cheques, baggage or personal belongings.

Please note: Any complaint or difficulty the Client may meet in his tour must be immediately communicated to the local assistant or to the Organisation: phone 075 5003300, e-mail incoming@perusiaviaggi.it

Organisation: Perusia viaggi by Olos Travel srls- Perugia (PG) Italy
Authorization number n° 3365 – Umbria Region 06 April, 2018
Perusia Viaggi by Olos Travel srls is covered by the insurance company UNIPOL SAI. (policy n° 157740352).