Terms & conditions

Please read these conditions carefully as you will have to agree to them in order to make your booking.

We consider a firm contract exists between you and the Associazione Trasimeno Music Festival under the organization of PERUSIA VIAGGI s.r.l. (Perugia – Italia – Autorizzazione n. – Regione Umbria) from the time we contact you and subsequently receive your credit card details. Initially you will be charged for 20% of the total cost. The remainder must be paid by May 1, 2020. We will remind you of this in advance. If you are booking packages after May 1, the total amount has to be paid at time of reservation. If you have bought only subscriptions (and dinners), you will be charged the full amount right away.

You must have insurance to cover such things as medical treatment, repatriation, loss of property and cancellation charges.

Passport & visa
For most countries, the passport has to be valid for six months beyond the date of the tour. If visas are requested, you will have to obtain them yourself. You have to ascertain whether you need a visa or not.

If you cancel your participation in the tour (we take as the day of cancellation that on which we received written confirmation by email or fax ), you will be charged as follows:
Until 60 days 10%;
between 59 and 30 days 50%;
between 29 and 15 days 70%;
from 14 days before departure and during the tour itself 100%.

If we cancel the tour
If 10 weeks before the tour there are insufficient bookings, then we might decide to cancel. In this case you would receive a full refund. The tour would also be cancelled in case of civil unrest, natural disaster or other circumstances amounting to force majeure affecting the region to which the tour was supposed to go.

Safety & security
If the Italian Foreign Office advises against travel to places visited on the tour, we can cancel or adjust the itinerary to avoid any risk. In the case of cancellation before the tour commences, we would give you the full refund.

The limit of our liabilities
The responsibility of the Organisation is governed by the international laws and conventions stated under “Source of the Law”. Under no circumstances can that responsibility exceed the limits defined by those laws and conventions.

Musicians may become ill, venues may change, flight schedules may be altered – there are many possible unforeseeable circumstances which could necessitate changes to the programme. We ask for your understanding if they occur.

The payment can be made either by bank transfer or by credit card.