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John Hoeni FRSA from Firenze
Bravissimi e complimenti a tutti... specificamente Maestra Hewitt. Non vedo l'ora dal Festival 2020. Cari saluti. John
Joan Kisylia
I am home now, but the music and images of TMF 2017 keep running through my mind. At this moment, it's Mozart's D minor concerto (K466) and Angela's brilliant interpretation at the piano with Sir Roger Norrington conducting the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. A few minutes ago, it was Bach's Sonata in D minor, meticulously performed by 'La Hewitt.' And this morning, it was Beethoven's 'Moonlight' Sonata with Ms. Hewitt's dynamically perfect Adagio Sostenuto and ending with an ultra-exciting Presto agitato. This year the Festival celebrated Canada's 150th Anniversary with a Four Piano Spectacular featuring Angela and three other celebrated Canadian pianists. It was a joyful evening of four piano, solo piano, and one piano/six-hand pieces, mostly classical, but sprinkled with surprises, such as a 'Blues Etude.' The evening was appropriately topped off by an ingenious four piano rendering of 'Oh Canada.' Given the superb music, beauty and history of Umbria, and three truly gala dinners, it's definitely a week to remember!
Ann Collett
Here is one reaction to the second concert at the superb TMF this past July 1st: The lush music of Tchaikovsky's overture to Romeo and Juliet" ended dramatically. Conductor Hannu Lintu held us in thrall right to the end, then his upraised arm held the audience and the Orchestra Sinfonia di Milano Giuseppe Verdi in abeyance, as we considered the dead lovers . I found tears coming into my eyes! That scene is etched on my brain. When the Maestro's hand came down, the applause was almost anti climactic. Then to Shostakovich! And Angela! A concerto for piano, trumpet and strings. A revelation for me, I'd never heard it, or of it, before. Lyrical, dissonant,tuneful - what was the trumpet doing in this? Second (?) movement muted, it was magical. (Not a true concerto format, everything flowed from one part to another, some recaps, I need to hear it again.) And then the piano. But the piano under Angela Hewitt's hands. Pyrotechnical technique flying over the keys, then outrageous tempi and I was firmly hooked in. Then Angela loved up and smiled, amidst this awesome music, coming from Shostakovich through Angela's fingers. Everyone was having a great time, it was infectious, it was capricious, it was fun. All from memory. The orchestra soared along with the piano - such intricate, difficult stuff. Exhausting. Exhilarating. Ecstatic. And that was the first half... Thank you Angela, Hannu and Company. Brilliant programming. Words cannot describe the experience. Come to a Tresimeno concert for a once in a lifetime experience. This was my second lifetime experience and I plan a third in 2017."
Joan Kisylia
Trasimeno Music Festival 2013 – What a Joy! This is my fifth TMF and just when I think it can’t possibly get any better, it surprises, amazes, and captivates. A creation of Artistic Director Angela Hewitt, whose pianistic excellence breathes fresh life into favorites by Liszt, Beethoven, and Mozart, TMF 2013 combined matchless Italian venues; Gala dinners shared with kindred spirits, both familiar and new; matchless musicians and vocalists selected from throughout the World; and, of course, La Hewitt herself. What next? TMF 2014 – the Festival’s 10th anniversary – I can hardly wait!
Susan Hunter
Thirteen Friends of Spivey Hall from Atlanta, Georgia, have only rave reviews for the 2010 Festival. The musical programme Angela organized was superb. What a rich and intense experience to hear her play, conduct, accompany, and collaborate for so many evenings! And she was very generous with her time, making each of us feel important as a guest at her Festival. Maria and Luisa arranged our stay at Hotel Fortuna in Perugia, transportation, tours and gala dinners beautifully. The experience of that week in Umbria—the food, the tours, the music, the friendships—exceeded all expectations and are forever engraved in our memories.
Ruth Knqpp
Such a wonderful week I experienced at the Trasimeno Festival. It was so professionally organized and the music was absolutely beautiful. Angela was amazing both as an artist and a hostess. It is one of the memories I will always cherish. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Chopin, my favourite composer, also wrote songs! What an interesting revelation. Thanks to all of you who had a hand in making it an absolutely deligthtful experience. Ruth
Marilyn Lightstone
Angela: Bravissima! The festival was everything I'd hoped it would be: marvellous music (natch); splendid dinners with just enough pomp and ceremony; the beautiful old town of Perugia full of creative activity and marvellous shopping; good companionship with other music lovers, and the magnificent scenery of Umbria. I left for home elevated and refreshed. Thank you so very,VERY much! Marilyn Lightstone
Evelyn Greenberg
This is my 3rd year at the Trasimeno Music Festival and it gets better and better. Angela has the knack of programming at the very highest level, always innovative and inspiring. Add to that her own magnificent performances at the piano, whether solo or in ensemble, and you will agree the Trasimeno Music Festival is not to be missed. As a musician myself, I can assure you a week of the best in musical presentations in a glorious setting. Evelyn Greenberg
Brian Wall
Hi Angela...really enjoyed your concert in Dublin last night (was in the front row!)...especially the beautiful pole-pole Largo from the F#............... come BACH to Ireland soon..! Will certainly try Trasimeno... B.
Joan Kisylia
TMF 2008 was outstanding, but TMF 2009 soared to new heights - led, of course, by Angela Hewitt’s pianistic excellence and conducting. And, deftly complemented by the brilliant Orchestra Da Camera Di Mantova, Angela’s superb piano instructor and mentor - Jean-Paul Sévilla, fantastic Italian violinist Giovanni Angeleri, remarkable solo instrument players (oboe, cello and flute), and timeless unparalleled vocal artists - Lott, Murray, Langridge, and Davies. This year’s venues were every bit as intimate and exciting as before, the gala dinners impeccable, the TMF family (attendees) - both new members and former ones - a joy to be with, the TMF staff so very helpful and friendly, and the beautiful Perugian countryside - a trip back into the past (with all the modern conveniences). While chatting with members of the family" before one of the concerts, the remark was made, "You can see Angela's touch on everything." That pretty well sums it up!!! Our calendars are marked for TMF 2010."