The Trasimeno Music Festival Association was formed by the happy fruition of two beautiful but originally distant things: on one side the world-renowned Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, and on the other, the Umbrian town of Magione, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. When Angela, regarded as one of the greatest living interpreters of the music of J.S. Bach, first discovered this area of great natural beauty, she fell in love with it immediately. Then, with her unique blend of charm and passion, she decided to bring her music to the region in the form of an annual music festival. For a week each summer, she presents concerts in the magical atmosphere of the Castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione using international artists of the highest level. To accomplish this, and thanks to the interest and passion of local friends and collaborators, the Trasimeno Music Festival Association was formed.

During the past years, concerts and events took place in such ravishing settings as the Castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione, and also in Gubbio (Palazzo Ducale, Church of San Domenico, Church of San Pietro), Perugia (Basilica and Abbazia of San Pietro, Sala dei Notari at Palazzo dei Priori, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Teatro Morlacchi, Teatro del Pavone), Assisi (Basilica of San Francesco), Foligno (Auditorium San Domenico, Palazzo Trinci), Trevi (Teatro Clitunno, Church of San Francesco), Bevagna (Teatro Torti), Panicale (Teatro Caporali), Solomeo (Teatro Cucinelli), Cortona (Teatro Signorelli), Monte Castello di Vibio (Teatro della Concordia).

Such venues welcomed on stage the most renowned interpreters of the classical music world, as well as talented young musicians, in a calm, serene atmosphere appreciated by an attentive audience from around the world.

The Trasimeno Music Festival has been rated by the national and foreign press as “one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe” and as “one of the best music festivals in Italy.” In 2019, we presented the fifteenth edition of the Festival, from June 29 to July 5.

With this happy union between local and international elements, the life of the Association is diverging into more widespread activities, with lecture-demonstrations held in schools, discussions with authors who write about music in their work (Ian McEwan, Vikram Seth, Julian Barnes, William Fiennes, Madeleine Thien), interviews led by Canadian broadcaster Eric Friesen with renowned personalities of the international cultural scene (Michael Steinberg, Michael Berkeley, Sir Jeffrey Tate, Sir Roger Norrington, Marina Mahler, Simon Perry; John G. Morris, photo editor of Life Magazine and The New York Times; actors Roger Allam and Simon Callow; director Sir Richard Eyre), masterclasses with young pianists (Perugia, Spoleto), and Friends Associations being formed around the world – a reflection of the worldwide attention that characterises both Angela Hewitt and the festival.

On this website, to which we welcome you, you may find all the information on the initiatives of the Trasimeno Music Festival Association. We look forward to welcoming you to a concert or another event with Angela Hewitt.

Sede legale: Via dei Romani, 33 San Savino 06063 Magione – PG, Italy
Partita IVA 03020330548 Codice Fiscale 94111220540
Presidente: Maria P. Beneduce

L’anno duemilasei, il giorno due del mese di ottobre in Perugia via XX Settembre n. 85 presso lo Studio del Notaio Biavati, Rogito di Repertorio n° 319001, Raccolta n° 38079, si è costituita l’associazione culturale-musicale “TRASIMENO MUSIC FESTIVAL”. L’associazione non persegue fini di lucro, è apartitica, apolitica e aconfessionale ed ha lo scopo di promuovere lo studio, lo sviluppo e la diffusione della musica classica, sinfonica, da camera vocale e strumentale, lirica. Essa intende promuovere, sviluppare e diffondere la cultura musicale e gli artisti operanti in tutto il mondo, valorizzare l’opera, l’immagine e l’ingegno in Italia e all’Estero. L’associazione favorisce e organizza manifestazioni musicali, culturali, ricreative, rassegne, festival, conferenze concorsi, premi, saggi, concerti ed ogni altra forma di spettacolo legata alla musica; attiva iniziative musicali e culturali anche in collaborazione con altri enti italiani ed esteri; potrà ingaggiare, assumere e/o scritturare artisti, conferenzieri, esperti o altro personale speciale estraneo all’associazione per il compimento degli obiettivi statutari.
(Estratto dal Rogito Statutario registrato in data 11.10.2006)