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Homage to Barbara Strozzi

Tuesday 2 July | 21:00

10€ – 65€

Il pomo d’oro, orchestra
Emöke Barath, soprano
Francesco Corti, conductor / organist

The Venetian singer and composer Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677) was probably the most remarkable, talented, famous and successful woman of her time in the field of music. In 2019 we celebrate her 400th anniversary with a programme of some of her most beautiful compositions as well as works by her teacher Cavalli and a delightful variety of contemporary instrumental pieces.

Works by Strozzi, Cavalli, Marini, Cesti


40 available
2/7 Students10,00 Up to age 25; Gallery / Loggione
36 available
2/7 Residents25,00 Full-time residents of the Comune of Cortona; Boxes on sides of First and Second Tier / Palchi I e II Ordine laterale
18 available
2/7 Category 330,00 Boxes on sides of Second and Third Tiers / Palchi II e III Ordine laterale
49 available
2/7 Category 245,00 Boxes on Second and Third Tiers / Palchi II e III Ordine
11 available
2/7 Category 165,00 Boxes on Second Tier / Palchi II Ordine


Tuesday 2 July
10€ – 65€


Teatro Signorelli, Cortona
Piazza Luca Signorelli
52044 Cortona, Italy