Two Anonymous
Beth Aviv and David Angerman
Edmund Adamic and Roland Daneau
Benedict Benigno
Lorne Cappe and Joanne Yolles
Graham Carpenter
Kimball and Patrizia Chen
Gabriela Gumucio Colombo
Virginia Cooper
Lynne and Joe DiStefano
Judy Embleton and Garry Dwyer-Joyce
Barbara Uteck and Graham Fraser
Carolyn and John Gilbert
Catherine Graham
The Vern and Frieda Heinrichs Foundation
Manfred and Silvia Kalcher
Herb Heppner and Mari Lindner (in memory of Guglielmo Beneduce)
Joan Hill
C. Hunt and R. Holdsworth
Ross Jewell
Patrick Little
Gail Lord
Frances Macdonnell
Laurie and the late Jim Mackay
Barbara Martin
Neil Matteucci and Norm Kalbfleisch
Lisa Donati Meyer
Alison Smith and Jim Morrow
Greg McNab and Suzette Silva
Michael and Cathy Nelson
Arnold Postma
Karen Schwinghamer
Christopher Simon and Sabrina Zirkel
Helena Simon
James and Carol Taylor
Sheldon S. Wiseman
Lorne Swan and Elinor Swan-Winterhalt
Michel Trocmé and Gail Sax