Palazzo Trinci, Foligno

The most famous amongst the historic palaces of Foligno, Palazzo Trinci was built on the north corner of Piazza Grande (now Piazza della Repubblica) and the construction dates back to 1407.

Today, it has a neoclassical façade, restored after the earthquakes of the years 1831-32. The palace is embellished with pictorial decorations (realized in the first half of the Fifteenth Century), an example of the profane art that graced the wealthy mansions during the Renaissance.

The palace hosts major exhibitions in the city, and also the following museums: ‘Pinacoteca Civica’, ‘Museo Archeologico’, ‘Museo Multimediale dei Tornei, delle Giostre e dei Giochi’, ‘Museo dell’Istituzione Comunale’.