Programme 2024

  • Thursday 27 June 2024 | 21:00

    Opening Concert

    at Auditorium San Francesco al Prato, Perugia

    Orchestra da Camera di Perugia
    Angela Hewitt (piano/leader)
    Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, piano
    Chiara Biagioli, piano
    One other young pianist TBA
    Mozart, Brahms, Ravel, Bach

  • Friday 28 June 2024 | 21:00

    Jordi Savall: From East to West

    at Castle of the Knights of Malta, Magione

    Jordi Savall (viola da gamba)
    Hakan Gügör (kanun)
    Dimitri Psonis (santur, lute, guitare moresc, percussion)
    Programme to be announced

  • Saturday 29 June 2024 | 21:00

    Chamber Music in Magione

    at Castle of the Knights of Malta, Magione

    Esther Hoppe, violin
    Christian Poltera, cello
    Angela Hewitt, piano
    Bach, Shostakovich, Brahms

  • Sunday 30 June 2024 | 21:00

    String Quartet and Guitar

    at Castle of the Knights of Malta, Magione

    Valo Quartet:
    Maria Włoszczowska, violin
    Tim Crawford, violin
    Lilli Maijala, viola
    Amy Norrington, cello
    Petrit Çeku, guitar
    Purcell, Szymanowski, Castelnuovo-Tedesco

  • Monday 01 July 2024

    A day with Rudolf Lutz / pt 1

    at Basilica di San Pietro, Perugia

    Rudolf Lutz discusses the Bach Cantatas performed in tonight’s concert.
    He will also be joined by Angela Hewitt for an inspired session of improvisations on Bach.

  • Monday 01 July 2024 | 21:00

    A day with Rudolf Lutz / pt 2

    at Basilica di San Pietro, Perugia

    J.S. Bach-Stiftung, St. Gallen
    Rudolf Lutz, conductor, organist, lecturer, composer
    Peter Hervey, baritone
    Miriam Feuersinger, soprano
    Angela Hewitt, piano
    J.S. Bach, Rudolf Lutz

  • Tuesday 02 July 2024 | 16:00

    Interview with Sir Simon Schama

    at Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori, Perugia

    Sir Simon Schama, historian
    Eric Friesen, interviewer

  • Wednesday 03 July 2024 | 19:30

    Closing Recital with Angela Hewitt

    at Oratorio di San Francesco dei Nobili, Perugia

    Angela Hewitt, piano
    Bach, Beethoven, Brahms

  • Wednesday 26 June 2024 | 21:00

    Pre-Festival Concert

    at Piazza, Town of San Savino, Magione

    We will once again hold our pre-festival concert in the Borgo of San Savino overlooking Lake Trasimeno.
    Programme to be announced.