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Cecilia du Plessis

2008-05-30 12:54:35

I attended the Well-tempered Clavier recitals in South Africa on 27 and 29 May, 2008, and I am grateful for these life-changing experiences - thank you!!

Mel & Penny Davis
2008-02-08 05:59:54

We're delighted to be planning to attend our second TMF. The pleasures experienced and the friendships made at our first Festival continue to this very day (this evening actually - we are dining in Sydney with friends from Geneva who we first met at last year's TMF). The program looks great (well done, Angela!) and we look forward to meeting up with those folks we met at the last Festival.

john everett

2007-09-07 18:12:13

2007 was our third year attending this wonderful festival. It seems to get even better each year


2006-10-07 18:17:23

I think it is a lovely and brilliant idea to
share your unique talents with friends and musical admirers. Please count me in.

I love the idea of visiting the Italian countryside in the setting of a week of high quality musical presentations. I love the italian language and the very idea of visiting Italy, and what better
occasion than the Festival. It's just lovely, I really think you have such
foresight and good sense in offering this opportunity to musics lovers.

I will be looking for the details of the Festival programme on your web

With warmest regards and best wishes.

Ewen Langford

2006-01-04 16:13:47

This TMF website,a model of its kind,has it all. Nothing is left to chance.It is comprehensive to the nth degree,venues,hotels,artists,programme and even how to pay for the tickets etc are explained in the minutest detail.Wonderful.

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