Festival 2006

Castle of Magione at concert time
Lydia Teuscher and Angela Hewitt
Joan Enric Lluna and Angela Hewitt
Jerusalem Quartet with Joan Enric Lluna
View from the top
Joan Enric Lluna
Angela and Akiko Ebi
During the concert in Gubbio
The poster for the festival
The Jerusalem Quartet
Gala Dinner in Gubbio
Between movements
Rehearsal in Gubbio
The Palazzo Ducale in Gubbio
Angela before the concert
In the Palazzo Ducale, Gubbio
Warming up
The Pavel Haas Quartet
Angela and the Pavel Haas Quartet
Fans from Japan
The staff of the Festival
Angela and Ludger Böckenhoff
Inside the castle in Magione
Angela and the Mayor of Magione
Akiko receiving a plaque
Joan Enric Lluna and Guglielmo Beneduce